Person Hunters

it is a strong unified team of professionals who strive for results, are able to generate their own ideas, take responsibility and direct their knowledge and experience to achieve the company's goals. The company I run started in 2010. From one small company, we have grown into a stable group of companies, including such areas as recruiting, training and development, IT technologies in HR, outsourcing. We have about 50 employees and experts around the world. Our people are people of all generations of the century, different nationalities, cultural characteristics, carriers of the ideas of their time, motivated by very different things. But we all have one thing in common - value. This is respect, honesty, teamwork.

The group of consulting companies Person Hunters has been providing professional services in the field of personnel, management and financial consulting in the Uzbek market for more than 10 years.

The success of Person Hunters is the successful projects of our clients. More than 300 companies constantly cooperate with us, which value efficiency, high ethical standards and quality of solutions. Since 2010, we have been bringing the best world experience, exploring the local market and creating unique tools for the development of our clients from this.

We believe that change starts with people. Therefore, we study each case and develop solutions that help you achieve success in the shortest possible time. This applies to all areas: recruitment, personnel consulting, labor safety, corporate branding, research, and so on.

Julia Yakovleva
CEO and Founder of Person Hunters

Figures and facts

We are present in more than 30 countries
We have successfully implemented more than 6,000 projects
We are trusted by over 300 local and international companies
8 main activities
Our team consists of over 100 professionals
More than 500 people for outsourcing projects
Person Hunter Academy - our educational center helping to develop personnel since 2013
Open HR Business Forum - a platform for the development of the HR market in Uzbekistan since 2015
EMBRAS International Award - an award for the best projects in the field of HR since 2018

Key events

Global Entrepreneurship Partner in Uzbekistan
Members of the Association of HR Managers of Kazakhstan
Member of the Association of Enterprises "National Marketing Center" of Uzbekistan
The year of the launch of the international Employer Brand Award & Summit in Uzbekistan
Second Open HR Busines Forum
2017 - member of the Association of International Business and Technology
Rebranding of the Company
Foundation of a professional HR community in Uzbekistan
First Open HR Business Forum
Open of Person Hunters Academy
Launch of the direction on labor protection and industrial safety

Our team

Yuliya Yakovleva


Sarvar Sharipov

Business Development Manager