Staff Training and Personal Development

Today, training is rarely a one-off event. Companies wanting to survive and thrive must continuously develop their employees’ skills and encourage workplace learning. Person Hunters Academy is a guarantee of high educational standards. It offers a wide range of educational programs; close and lively interaction with highly qualified trainers; and specially designed programs aimed to meet the specific needs of your company.

The distinctive feature of our programs is that they combine theory and practical knowledge/skills. The curricular of the programs include the case analysis, mini-group work, and transformational business games.

Training at the Person Hunters Academy focuses on four main fields:

HR School

Starting from scratch: building a career without experience or qualifications.

If you are a novice in the HR area, you will have the opportunity to pursue a new career path and gain knowledge of managing the staff. Under the guidance of our certified trainers, you will study the basics of the subject, get into the most vital aspects of HR management, and find out all about modern HR tools, which you can later implement in your company.

Training and qualification programs:

  1. HR Specialist
  2. Staff Administration
  3. Recruitment
  4. Employee evaluation
  5. HR Generalist
  6. HR Manager
  7. Compensation and Benefits
  8. HR Audit
  9. HR Business partner
  10. HR Brand
  11. HR Analytics
  12. HR Director
  13. HR Management for executives

Occupational health and safety

According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an employer must provide employees with safe working conditions. Training courses on occupational health and safety will help you comply with the law and avoid negative consequences. You can choose any training in the certification programs included in CMR-246 (dated April 27, 2017) for the following persons:

  1. Heads (or deputy’s heads), as well as employees who are assigned to deal with the issues concerning health and safety service (H&S), and any person who does not have higher or vocational education in engineering but wants to work in the field of H&S (300 academic hours)
  2. Programs for professional development in the field of health and safety for heads and specialists of company’s H&S, employees of professional participants of the H&S market, and the heads of an accredited testing laboratory used by professional participants of the health and safety services market (72 academic hours)
  3. Programs for professional development in the field of H&S for heads and specialists responsible for provide H&S (36 academic hours)
  4. Training program for professional development in the field of H&S (18 hours)
  5. Training for public H&S representatives (18 hours)

Besides, we offer programs including methods of working under high-risked conditions, conduct practical seminars and trainings on the organization of OHS activities in enterprises.

The company has the accreditation to educate in the field of occupational safety services, license number RKA № 004.

Leadership Development Courses

Enhance your professional competence by taking our specialized leadership development courses. It is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills and expand your professional network.

The list of course:

  1. Management (financial management, risk management, change management, etc.)
  2. Leadership (personnel management, delegation, motivation, time management, stress management, etc.)
  3. Management coaching and education
  4. Facilitation
  5. Leader's inner game
  6. Transformation training of business trainers
  7. Service management
  8. Communication and Conflict Management
  9. Finance and Accounting
  10. Sales and Marketing
  11. Commercial Safety of Business

Corporate Programs

We design corporate programs to cover the specific needs of our clients both within Uzbekistan and abroad, taking into account the current situation of a company, its features and specifics.

What you will get, by working with us:

  1. Individual design of corporate programs
  2. Corporate training
  3. Developing team-building workshops
  4. Business games (simulators) and quests
  5. Strategic sessions
  6. Conferences in the framework of facilitation
  7. Invitation of international trainers (by request)
  8. Development and implementation of the “Corporate University”

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