Employee Selection Process

The main recruiting mission is to form a team of specialists whose competencies and experience will provide both sustainable development and scaling of the business. Per request of the employers, we can help to select mid-level and top-level specialists using different methods, namely.

  1. Seeking/searching and evaluating candidates based on Person Hunters’ database
  2. Using the Search Technology designed throughout 10 years in business with proven efficiency
  3. Selecting potential candidates from various areas of local and international labor markets


Headhunting is a way to recruit candidates used by companies aimed to strengthen their market leadership positions and to gain a competitive advantage. Person Hunter is the company that can help you with that.

Our headhunting service includes:

  1. Identification of perfect-fit candidates for your business
  2. Poaching of exclusive industry professionals (Poaching may sound a bit dramatic – Possible substitute is Attracting)
  3. Development of strategy and tactics of job negotiations with a potential candidate
  4. Confidentiality and protecting parties' data
  5. Developing an individual package of employer benefits and perks
  6. Full support: starting with filling out application to signing work contract and further support

We use the Headhunting method to recruit the staff members perfectly suited to fulfil your strategic goals and objectives.

Executive search

The Person Hunters team' mission is to target and search for professionals - from top executives to specialized talent – who have had the experience of working successfully for major local and international companies. Why choose Person Hunter’s Executive Search Services?

  1. There are over 500 successful Top Staff Recruiting request cases
  2. We study the features and specifics of your operations and develop a customized recruitment algorithm
  3. You will have access to the passive job seekers
  4. We have experience in attracting candidates from CIS, Europe, the Gulf Countries and Asia

Our high level of expertise in the selection of unique specialists and managers allows us to find candidates who will make a significant contribution to the prosperity of your company.


Our experienced recruitment team works in various industry sectors of the labor market. We carefully examine the capabilities and requests of the applicants to provide double-win solutions both for a jobseeker and the employer.

By becoming our client, you get the following privileges:

  1. A candidate with a proven track record
  2. Accompanying a candidate to the interviews with representatives of the company- employer
  3. Checking and validation of references provided in the CV
  4. Supporting of candidates during employee onboarding (the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture)
  5. The service of “Individual client-manager”

Once you decide to use our services, rest assured that you will get a candidate possessing not only a high level of competence but an employee who will share the values of your company.

International Recruiting

Our partner recruitment network includes more than 30 countries. Person Hunters will find qualified professionals from all over the world. What we do?

  • Develop customized recruitment solutions
  • Apply proven and well-established staff search technologies to find candidates with different levels of expertise all over the world.
  • Attract expat workers both to Uzbekistan and any country of request

Provide support in processing and obtaining work permits for international candidates.

Mass recruitment

If you need employees for covering the same types of positions (in the retail sector, pharmaceutical niche, HoReCa, manufacturing), then mass recruitment solves the query.

Our tools:

  1. Own set of techniques and unique expertise in mass recruitment
  2. Innovative technological solutions for finding and selecting candidates
  3. Own set of algorithms for candidate selection and assessment (interviews, testing, assessment center)
By outsourcing all tasks referring to mass recruitment to Person Hunters team, our customers save considerable time and resources.

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