Analytics, Research, Social Surveys

Knowledge of the market is your competitive advantage. Based on the results of market research, you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product, develop unique Market Positioning Strategies as well as fix your strategic Roadmap on time.

Person Hunter is a company that has both its own analytical database and partnerships all around the world. Our partners operate in various industries, which allows us to provide our clients with relevant, valid, and accurate information pertinent to their business. Using innovative technologies and methods enables us to conduct any type of research:

Labor market research

  1. Research of existing conditions and trends in the labor market
  2. Review of salaries and compensation trends
  3. Analysis of the current trends in the industry and sector indicators
  4. Development of an effective system of motivation and financial rewards

Marketing research

  1. Market volume research, promotion analysis of goods or service
  2. Analysis of competitors: advantages, target audience, brand characteristics, as well as the study of the range, price, sales locations, product quality etc.
  3. Retail analysis: segment assessment, growth and potential dynamics, sales locations and sales strategies
  4. Conducting a comparative analysis of goods/service promotion. Identification of advantageous and efficient ways of goods/services promotion
  5. Major market price segments. Calculation of price formation (markups, net cost, profit, advertising budget)
  6. Supply and demand assessment
  7. Assessment of customer satisfaction with goods and services. Identification of key factors influencing customers first and second purchases
  8. Predicting future market trends/market forecasting

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