Personnel Assessment

The effectiveness of personnel assessment and its impact on business results have been proven by time, experience and numerous studies. The success of any company largely depends on the level of competence of its employees. Timely assessment of employees' competence will help you to reduce the risks of human factors and, thereby, increase the profits of your company.

Here are some examples that can negatively affect a company's business and reputation:

  1. Incompetence of employees
  2. Inability to work in a team
  3. Disregard for rules and norms
  4. A negligent attitude to work responsibilities
  5. Inability to work under the pressure

Person Hunters will compile the list of potential risk factors that might affect productivity and working performance; analyze and estimate their possible consequences and offer ways of minimizing the likelihood of their occurrence. It is possible with the help of the Personnel Assessment Center (Assessment Center Method):

  1. Assessment of employee competencies to make informed management decisions
  2. Design of individual competency development programs
  3. Selection of candidates for "key" positions
  4. Assessment of staff motivation and loyalty level
  5. Evaluation of the group effectiveness and team members’ interactions
  6. Employer Brand Evaluation

Advantages of using the Personnel Assessment Center Services

Using the assessment center at the stage of selection of candidates, you can reliably assess the competence of an applicant, namely his/her strengths and areas for further development, as well as the susceptibility to abuse and fraud. In the case of a well-established team, you will understand what kinds of formal and informal relationships have been formed within the group and what the potentials of the teams’ future interactions and development are.


  1. Aptitude tests
  2. Personality questionnaires
  3. Diagnostics of psycho-type and person’s inner motives
  4. Business Simulators
  5. Method 360° (the whole evaluation)
  6. Interview on Competences
  7. Customized (per request) case development and the development of tests and exercises.

For staff evaluation, we attract internal and external experts, HR consultants, and psychologists. They all have undergone special training and have internationally recognized Assessment Certificates.

Our approach to assessment makes it possible to implement an individual SWOT analysis for each of your employees, helping you get a better understanding of your employee’s strengths and weaknesses and identify his/her training and development needs. Delegating this task to Person Hunters, you will save your money and time. We will deal with your human resource issues and help you identify the obstacles hindering you to build an effective working process. Person Hunters is a promise of prosperity for your organization in today’s highly competitive world.

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