Outsourcing is the delegation of a part of a company’s business processes to another company, which specializes in the relevant field. It allows the business not to waste resources on routine tasks and use them to develop business activities that bring profit.

Outsourcing to Person Hunters will allow you:

  1. Reduce the number of full-time staff and labor costs spent on the maintenance of the staff
  2. Avoid a part of risks by delegating them to us
  3. Streamline business processes in accounting, HR, retail marketing, and IT departments
  4. Free up human and financial resources to address more significant issues

Human Hunters offers a range of outsourcing services such as accounting outsourcing, HR management and HR administration, IT management and retail marketing.

Outsourced accounting

  1. Preparation and submission all kinds of tax reports (Personal Income Taxes (PIT), Single Social Payment (SSP), Pension Fund (PF) and others)
  2. Calculation of salaries, taxes and other payments/charges
  3. Maintaining regular up-to-date payroll records in your accounting program/application
  4. Consulting on payroll and taxation issues

Personnel outsourcing

  1. Tracking and formal record keeping of the employee’s performance in the state database (from the moment of hiring to a position to dismissal under the local legislation)
  2. Development of norms regulating the work of employees (staff scheduling, collective agreements, as well as guidance, instructions and orders)
  3. Review and adjustment of changes of employee’s time and attendance sheets
  4. Issuance of documents both at the request of employees (certificates of employment, extracts from the orders, etc.) and at the request of the employer (a beneficiary of Personnel outsourcing)
  5. Preparation and reporting of staff tracking data to Employment Assistance Centers
  6. Consulting on the Labor Code of the local legislation

Outsourcing of some retail operational functions provides an opportunity for significant expense reduction for large chain companies, shopping centers and supermarkets.

What kind of benefits a retailer gets from working with an outsourcing company?

  1. Recruitment of the right employees
  2. Reduction of expenses on staff maintenance
  3. High staff flexibility
  4. Reduction of occupational hazards

Person Hunters specialists possess all necessary qualities: responsibility, effectiveness, diligence and inner professional intuition.

By cooperating with us, you will reduce the time spent on the staff search, training, and proving employees’ profiles. We guarantee the fulfilment of your requests in the shortest time possible.


Outstaffing is a type of remote employment where a company is responsible for all, or nearly all, of an out staffed employee's time. This practice will help you to devise a proper staff schedule and increase the flexibility of staff management. Also, in case of disagreements between employer and employee, Person Hunters will take charge of resolving appeared disputes between involved parties.

Person Hunters helps to select employees with the required qualifications and takes care of all staffing issues:

  1. Consulting in the areas of employment and tax legislation
  2. Consulting on the issues of estate renting and logistics
  3. Oversees Work Permit service
  4. Assistance in conducting of tenders for selection of service providers
  5. Staff administration
  6. Accounting management

Free your time by handing over to Person Hunters the duties of staff administration, legal and physical responsibility of your employees to us as their formal employer.

We guarantee to keep your data confidential, and your information will not be spread.


Outplacement is a dismissal procedure in which the employer is actively involved in the former employee's fate and facilitates their continued employment.

Outplacement will help the management:

  1. Reduce the tension between the employee and employer
  2. Maintain a good relationship between the parties
  3. Minimize the risk of audits and lawsuits
  4. Keep commercial secrets safe

Person Hunters has been conducting career consulting and outplacement programs since 2010. We help clients strengthen their business reputation and leave a positive impression on employees. This way of managing your business will not only allow you to have the best talent, but also enhance the positioning of your brand on the market.

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