Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Workplace safety is the right of every person! Compliance with core labor standards is an integral part of any company's responsibilities that increases the level of trust in the employer.

Person Hunters offers a comprehensive system designed to cover the requirements of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and industrial safety. All offered services comply with the international standards and legislation of Uzbekistan.

Collaboration with person hunters will help you:

  1. Minimize the risks of violation of the legislation; disqualification of chief executive officers concerning health and safety-related violations; financial penalties; suspension of business activity
  2. Improve indicators of economic efficiency, increase employee productivity and reduce the expenditure on staff retraining
  3. Reduce the losses from workplace accidents and optimize employee benefits and compensation payments
  4. Improve indicators for social efficiency and reduce workplaces with poor working conditions
  5. Reduce work-related injuries and improve work efficiency
  6. Improve health and safety culture among employees and
  7. Improve employer’s image

If you are more focused on operating the main business processes and optimization the company's expenses, “Person Hunters” offers to outsource maintenance services on health and safety issues. We will take care of all arrangements necessary to establish, implement, and monitor your company's occupational health and safety system.

The Benefits of Working with Person Hunters

  1. The quality of our work is guaranteed by an experienced team of experts and lawyers specialized in the field of core labor standards, as well as labor law issues
  2. The individualized approach ensures that all features of your production process will be taken into account
  3. Person Hunter has the capability and tools to train and certify occupational safety specialists
  4. Person Hunter has accreditation from the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan that allows the provision of labor protection services (Certificate RKA No. 0044). This document confirms the compliance of our services with all legal requirements.
  5. Our own analytical database in the field of labor protection will help us to deal with any unexpected situation.
  6. A Project Manager (for each case) will ensure prompt action to any arising problem

Occupational Health and Safety Services

  1. Audit of the Occupational Safety System (independent assessment of the occupational safety efficiency in an organization; verification of compliance with the legislation, as well as preparation for inspections conducted by the State Labor Inspectorate)
  2. Training and workshops for the staff, instructional briefings, accident prevention activities, development of regulatory documents
  3. Design and implementation of the occupational safety management system
  4. Development of methodological and training materials, training programs, presentations, and video instructions on OHS
  5. Development of internal regulatory documents on labor protection, fire safety, and environment protection
  6. Preparation of regulatory documents and evacuation plans
Our company creates customized offers for each industrial enterprise: construction, energy, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, etc. As a result, you will get a solution that meets the needs of your company the best.

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