Management Consulting

Management consulting allows business owners to reach a new level of development, to optimize the work of management structures, to increase the profitability of the company, as well as to streamline business processes, to build relationships between “key” staff players, to design a system of management, control, and motivation of the staff.

Our services include:

  1. Analysis and improvement of organizational structure
  2. Building HR-department “from scratch”
  3. Optimization of the Company’s business strategies
  4. Aligning corporate culture with business realities
  5. Design, development and implementation of the management system and support during transformational changes
  6. Developing HR Strategy and Human Resources Policy
  7. Staff training and staff development (situational, problematic, object-oriented)
  8. HR audit and diagnostics services
  9. Competencies: design, development and implementation
  10. Development and implementation of motivation system
  11. Organizational consulting
  12. HR consulting

Organizational structure optimization and improvement of operating processes can reduce production costs, increases efficiency and company profits.

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