Business Trainings

The advanced training courses giving to the worker theoretical knowledge
and practical skills which develop necessary qualities in this or that field of activity.

Business trainings can help:
— to develop optimum strategy of forming and organization development
— to create independently operating organizational structure
— to learn to coordinate competently activities of various levels of the organization: to motivate, control, delegate powers, to conduct negotiations and to resolve the conflicts
— to develop own optimum style of work in the position, whether it be the head, the secretary, the seller or the specialist representative of average management
— to learn to dispose competently and professionally of own working resources: time, labor potential and people

Vocational school of Personnel management — 3x modular school for professional growth and training of the specialist versatile person capable it is effective to organize all HR processes in the company.

Trainings on sales Psychological trainings
— Active sales
— Sales strategies
— Skill of cold calls
— Visual merchandising
— Format of convincing sales
— Overcoming objections
— Properties and benefits
— The NLP on sales
— Procedure of a visit
— Conceptual sale
— Skills of the effective presentation
— Command efficiency
— 5 steps of a visit
— Effective negotiations
— Leadership
— Seven secrets of successful speakers
— Time-management
— Skills of the presentation
— Skills of communication
— Skills negotiating
— Structure of a self-assessment