Salary Survey

Strategic management is based on the long term perspective in which key positions are given to people and the market.

Ownership of information and exact analytical researches are the main management instruments of organization in strategic management. The only rational way to fix the happened changes, to approach more and more deliberately assessment of all risks, to build own marketing policy is a carrying out marketing researches. Datas, available to managers and analysts, in corporate information systems are insufficient for decision making since assessment of external factors and the existing aspects of the foreign market of work considerably will improve a business analytics picture.

The analytical department is the unique and specific direction which processes big data arrays and on the basis of a request from the client creates reports in the form of rational expert opinion in the matter with the developed methodology of a research and figures displaying an urgent situation and the timely forecast for the future.

Types of analytical researches:

— salary survey
— consumer goods basket
— HR researches about presence of specialists in the market
— specialized HR analytics

Today in connection with requirement by any methods to reduce staff costs and, in too time, to offer the employees the most optimum and effective compensation packet, such instrument as “Salary survey” is more and more urgent for specialists in personnel.

The salary survey is the type of financial analytics representing a detailed research of the labor market, placing emphasis on compensation and provided compensation packets, and also it allows to orient quickly in the main tendencies of the market in your segment.

Person Hunters conducts an analytical research of structure and dynamics of a consumer goods basket. A set of the provided products will allow to calculate the consumer budget, proceeding from basket cost in current prices. We conduct base of comparison of settlement and real consumption levels over a year. And also we provide the detailed description of “consumer goods basket” in dynamics, including not only food (separately according to names and brands), but also costs for services, transport, communication, necessary payments, cultural actions and other.

HR researches about presence of specialists in the market and HR analytics are specialized report types by request of the client, complex assessment of a condition and the prospects of development of the subjects, major for the organization, in the labor market. Presence of specialists, their qualification level, their expectations from the employer, motivators and compensation.