Management Consulting

Management consulting is a solution of set of the problems connected with the organization of management of difficult systems in various fields of activity.

Management consulting includes:

— consultation on general questions of business management
— business reorganization, implementation of changes: from strategic planning before complete reorganization of the entities
— organizational management
— consulting in the field of the recovery of business and the problem resolution connected with insolvency (crisis consulting)
— general diagnostics of the company
— identifications strong and weaknesses of the organization (SWOT analysis)

The organization of system of effective sale, including:

— search of market opportunities on the basis of the marketing analysis
— development new (or optimization existing) positioning of the company
— development (or optimization) sales strategy of the company
— development (or optimization) strategy of regional sale
— development (or optimization) organizational structures of service of sale
— development (or optimization) planning systems, accounting and operational management by sale
— development (or optimization) evaluation criteria, systems of motivation of seyls-personnel
— help in implementation of new strategy and tactics of sale

The analysis and optimization of an organizational structure of the company, including:

— search of possible defects of an organizational structure
— optimization of an organizational structure under the tasks facing the company
— analysis of competence of the highest, average and linear management of firm
— development of job descriptions, regulations on divisions, services and departments of the companies
— development of systems of motivation of employees

Development of systems of payment and work incentives:

— salary structure, percent, bonuses, awards, other components of remuneration
— development of “Staff list”
— development of “Salary fund”
— development “Provisions on compensation and material stimulation”

Statement of managerial accounting, including:

— accounting of implementation of business plans (plan / factorial accounting)
— marketing accounting
— accounting of performance of budgets, etc.

Statement of financial planning, including:

— plan of profits and losses
— circulation plan of cash flows

Budgeting statement:

— consolidated budget of the company
— budgets of divisions (centers of financial accounting)
— project budgets
— budgets of collections, purchasing budgets

Statement of the financial reporting, including:

— reports on accomplishment of all types of budgets
— cash flow statement
— profit and loss statement
— managerial balance

Consulting in the field of information technologies and information services, development of information systems, system integration.

Risk management

— operational consulting (creation of an effective management system)