Labor Protection

Person Hunters offers complex system of actions for labor protection and safe engineering at the entity.
The service in labor protection is a necessary condition of safe work of any entity for observance of all requirements of the legislation and regulations where labor protection and protection of safety of people at the entity and production in a priority.

We offer the following complex of services:

1. Evaluating a condition of labor protection at the entity and compliance to requirements of the legislation of Uzbekistan.

2. Development of the system of management of labor protection.

3. Development of regulating documents on labor protection at the entity according to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

4. Assessment and management of professional risks.

5. The researches concerning methodical and technological aspects of assessment of working conditions, professional risks and efficiency of action of individual protection equipment.

6. Consulting services in the field of labor protection and safe engineering.

7. Supervising on labor protection and safe engineering.

8. Labor protection outsourcing.

9. Development of attributes on labor protection and fire safety (magazines, stands, posters).

10. Carrying out training and an examination of the persons who are responsible for functioning of system of labor protection at the entity.

11. Carrying out monitoring and a risks assessment of attendees in activities of the entity. Creation of the list of all revealed risks and determination of priority. Development of control corrective actions.

12. Upon the revealed deviations, development of the set of guidelines and scheduling of actions for their accomplishment and elimination.

13. Certification of personnel for labor protection.

14. Certification of workplaces.

We will make every effort in order that our services during our cooperation with you there were the most convenient and high-quality, and results the most effective.