Professional school of HR Management

The three-modular program for professional growth and training of the specialist person capable it is effective to organize all HR processes in the company.

For whom our school?
— the student wishing to get a new demanded profession
— the beginning recruiter
— the specialist motivated on professional opening and development, development of a profession of HR-the manager
— HR manager/specialist on a personnel clerical work, the person interested to improve the skills
— the owner of business, the entrepreneur, the division manager, whose zones of responsibility include work with personnel

After training you get:
— a complex of techniques and instruments for practical work in HR service on matching, adaptation, assessment, training, motivation and work incentives, HR records and a clerical work
— author’s education materials
— a set of samples of the documents regulating HR activities (provisions, forms, questionnaires, samples of orders, etc.)
— knowledge and experience in area of the strategic analysis connected with HR management and planning, HR forming — strategy, management of HR-of processes and budgets
— certificate on the termination of Professional school of Personnel management

Training takes place on:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday — from 18:30 till 21:30

1 module — HR Specialist

70 hours
Cost is 2 000 000 UZS


1. Management structure personnel of the company

2. Skills of the presentation

3. Personnel recruitment, involvement of candidates, effective selection

4. Adaptation of personnel

5. Staff assessment

6. Development and personnel training

7. System of motivation and stimulation of personnel

8. Labor law of the Republic of Uzbekistan

2 module — HR Manager

72 hours
Cost is 2 500 000 UZS


1. Personnel management of the companies

2. Effective personnel recruitment and work with a personnel allowance

3. Systems of grades in the organization

4. System of remuneration of personnel

5. Motivation, deduction and preserving personnel of the company

6. Forming of values and corporate culture in the organization

7. Conflict management

8. HR analytics: what needs to be analyzed and for what?

9. Audit and controlling of personnel

3 module — HR Director/company executive

56 hours
Cost is 3 500 000 UZS

1. Organization mission. Corporate culture. Personnel strategy

2. Importance of effective system of internal communications in the organization

3. From the strategy of the company to specific objectives

4. Personnel allowance. Talent management — HiPo

5. HR branding as a method deduction and increases in loyalty of employees

6. Drive-management and work with needs of employees

7. Main accents of HR records and personnel check

8. Time-management of the head