HR Consulting

Service directed to creation of an effective personnel management system for the purpose of increase in efficiency of its work. Thanks to service of HR consulting you have an opportunity to concentrate on the main strategic objectives of business development.

Personnel consultation or consulting is capable to help with the organization of an effective labor activity at the entity. We will prepare theoretical and practical decisions which will really work for you. Your purpose — to increase profitability of the company, ours — creation of unique management programs by personnel, their implementation and observation of their further successful functioning. Carrying out personnel audit will allow you to determine correctness of maintaining personnel documentation, degree of satisfaction of staff of the company with work, and by results of an efficiency evaluation of work of personnel — to start development of strategy of personnel management which would be optimum not only from the point of view of management of personnel number, but also for the purpose of enhancement of a corporate culture.

Within this service we are ready to offer:

Development of personnel policy of the company

— Diagnostics of the current situation in the field of personnel policy of the company
— Development of general ideology of personnel management
— Determination (correction) of the management style proceeding from strategic objectives of the company

Organization of the procedure of selection of a personnel: “Development and deployment of the procedure of personnel recruitment”:

— Selection of personnel both in again formed, and in the existing key divisions
— Forming of a management team
— Forming of personnel service of the company
— Development of the Regulations on Personnel service, determination of the purposes, tasks, powers, methods of work and staff list
— Creation of HR of department under “key”
— Development of the system of requirements to the recruiting agencies, criteria of their choice and assessment of their work

Forming of an effective management team

Diagnostics of collectives and employees

Certification of personnel

Professional movement, staff rotation:

— Adaptation of new employees in corporate environment
— Certification of personnel resources
— Analysis of professional and official compliance
— Creation of a personnel allowance
— Recommendations about promotion, movement and dismissal of employees

Professional development of employees:

— Personal correction and development (individual consultations, trainings)
— Correction of interpersonal communication (trainings)
— Professional development (seminars, trainings)

Analysis of functioning of the organization:

— The general functional analysis of activities of firm (identification of key technological chains, information exchange and functional communications between divisions)
— Functional analysis of activities of divisions
— Development of an organizational structure of the company and its divisions
— Functional description of workplaces and creation of job descriptions, regulations on departments

Research and forming of a corporate culture:

— Assessment of a corporate culture of firm and its compliance to the purposes and tasks of the organization
— Diagnostics of the purposes, values, installations, traditions, style of communication and behavior prevailing in firm
— Recommendations about correction of a corporate culture according to the purposes and tasks of firm

Development of models of competences

Audit of a personnel clerical work

Development and deployment of system of grades

KPI development and deployment

That you get:
— Increase in efficiency of activities of the company in general
— Increase in individual performance of work of each worker
— Creation of competitive advantages and conclusion of the company to new level
— Management system human capital