Executive Search

Now the Person Hunters agency offers the clients the following services:
— Search and personnel recruitment in Tashkent and on all regions of Uzbekistan
— Mass personnel recruitment is performed in case of order placement on matching of five and more workers for the same vacancies;
— Headhunting one of the directions of search and personnel recruitment of the top management and rare specialists;
— Exclusive search sets as the purpose selection of the expert, for performance of key tasks.

We own the fulfilled technology in each of these directions, necessary skills, instruments and methods of the solution of tasks. We accumulate, we analyze, we overwork and we make use of the accumulated experience, moreover the company offers all this knowledge to clients for continuous enhancement of joint activities.

Services in search and personnel recruitment are provided both in Tashkent, and on all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Thanks to regional representatives and contacts in regions recruiters can constantly fill up the database on regions.

For each project on personnel recruitment of Person Hunters provides the following guarantees:
— strict confidentiality on all questions connected with the project and activities of the client;
— free replacement of the specialist who didn’t pass a warranty period.

We don’t stand still, and we will constantly improve our work and dynamically develop together with our clients. All our opportunities at the disposal of the client.