Assessment Center

Assessment center is the method of complex personnel assessment oriented to assessment of real business qualities and competences of candidates. The main and distinctive characteristics of assessment center are quality and accuracy of assessment of candidates, an opportunity to see behavior of candidates in “real time” and in “a real situation”. The assessment center minimizes the risks connected with hiring and personnel development.

Assessment of participants is made by means of observation of their real behavior in the cases and tasks modeling business. To participants skills (as it is admissible in trainings) are offered not to develop business games and exercises which aim, and to allow candidates to show on an equal footing skills and competences of the modelled business situations.

Components of assessment center:

— interview
— testing (tests and questionnaires)
— business games

Tasks of assessment center:

The assessment center helps to realize a number of main objectives in personnel management

— personnel recruitment
— training and personnel development (diagnostics of requirements of the Company for development and training of employees)
— promotion of employees (management of career and mentorship)
— personnel management optimization (rotation, forming of a personnel allowance)

Who carries out an assessment center:

Assessment of candidates by method of assessment center is carried out by our regular and external experts: personnel management consultants and psychologists who underwent special international training also have certificates of observers.

Qualification and experience of our experts allow to increase the speed of preparation, carrying out and handling of results of assessment.

Managers of the company customer which holds a preliminary mini-training of appraisers surely participate in staff assessment and estimative forms with instructions are distributed.